Smarter, faster and solid

More output, consistent quality, and low downtime. That is what we achieve for our customers. With tailor-made automation solutions for your processes, machines and line controls. Completely tailored to your needs, by professionals with years of experience.

With 101 Industriële Automatisering you can rely on a partner who thinks along with you and is ready when necessary. Together with you we ensure a smart, fast and solid production process.



What we do

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Working at 101 industriële automatisering

Diversity in our job

''101 offers diversity in the projects; one day you program a transport system and the next day a filtration system. Each project has its own technical challenges and requires a unique approach. It's great to have the opportunity to carry out the entire project from A to Z, from thinking about how the process should work in the first place to the finishing touches.''


Kevin, Software Engineer

Diversity in our job

Space to develop yourself

''101 has offered me a unique opportunity as a graduate student and ultimately a full-time software engineer. There is a lot of room for professional- and personal growth. In addition, due to the diversity of the projects, there is always a new challenge ahead!''


Niek, Software Engineer

Space to develop yourself

Good working mentality in a relaxed atmosphere

“There is a good working mentality here and a very relaxed atmosphere in a close-knit team. The nice thing is that you are not alone in the office, but that we also support each other during the installation. We really do it together” 


Paul, Hardware Engineer

Good working mentality in a relaxed atmosphere